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Long distance moving 

What We Provide

Hero Movers Canada deserves your consideration as one of the leading long distance movers in HRM. When you choose us as your long distance movers, you’ll have the option of using as many of our moving services as you require. Do you need assistance packing to prepare your household for a pending relocation before the arrival of a deadline? Ask us to help pack all (or a portion) of your moving boxes. We also help customers establish themselves in a new location more quickly by furnishing moving box placement services upon request. Simply ask us to carry boxes to the rooms you designate during the process of unloading the moving truck. This convenient service helps many families settle into new premises faster (and with a minimum of delay) following a long distance relocation

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Long distance Relocation 

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Long Distance Moving - To and from Nova Scotia

Moving to Moncton, Quebec,Toronto or anywhere across Canada?  

You may only do a long distance move once or twice in your life. The agents at Hero movers facilitate long distance moves daily.  

Our process for moving households out of province or across Canada is continuously refined to ensure that we provide the best process for the best price.  We have the resources to facilitate every detail of your move.  Whether you are moving province-to-province or coast-to-coast, hero moving specialist will take care of all the details.

Our Long Distance Moving package includes the following services:

  • Packing and crating.

  • Transportation Services.

  • Automobile transportation.

  • Special handling of antiques .

Contact Hero movers specialist today, so we can get started on pricing and facilitating your long distance move. Call 1-902-463-3985

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